Top 1% Of Home Buyers Focus On These 4 Things

Written by Jennifer Boecker on Feb. 6th 2021

The difference is as big as day and night. What makes the massive gap between the 99% of home buyers and the top 1%? Some home buyers absolutely get to enjoy their dream home while others “settle” for a house instead of a home. The top 1% of home buyers get their dream neighborhood, privacy, and a view for days while others are still hoping for their dream home to come crashing down from the sky.

The difference is that the top 1% focus on 4 things. Just 4.

I am going to share with you those 4 things and how you can implement them in your home buying journey and join the top 1%.

The 4 Things You Need To Get Your Dream Home

We all know the saying, Location, Location, Location. While location is very important, it is only one of four things that you need to get your dream home. You need the right mix of four things to succeed.


So, like we said earlier, location is very important to your home buying journey. It determines a lot of factors. What neighborhood, what school district, what view? What kind of amenities? There are so many factors but the top 1% know what criteria they want and need and go after those things when looking at locations. They also know when something is a good value or a ripoff. Something we will get into next.


The best of the best know how to negotiate. They know when to push and when to fold. They know when it’s overpriced and when it’s a bargain. Negotiating takes care and cleverness. Having a system to negotiate literally pays to have when buying a home. Negotiating can mean the difference between getting your dream home and being house poor.


Having your financing prepared and choosing the right financing really impacts your dream home. Of course we would all like to pay cash, but that is not always an option. Choosing the right lender and getting the right terms can mean all the difference. The top home buyers know what's out there, how to maneuver, and get the best financing to get the deal done. They know their financing and are on top of the process at all times.


In comedy and life, timing is everything. Well for here it’s 1 of the 4, but the quote expresses the importance. Right home wrong time, no home. So, it pays to know when to put in your offer. It pays to know when to wait and when to strike when it’s hot. Getting all of the necessary steps down in a timely fashion also plays a role in your dream home. One misstep and the whole deal could be in jeopardy.

Now that you have the 4 things that the top 1% of home buyers focus on it’s time to go after that dream home! If you would like to learn more check out this FREE case study on “How To Get Your Dream Home In Beaufort At An Amazing Price...Fast!”

To your success!

-Jennifer Boecker, Realtor

Jennifer Boecker, Realtor

Jennifer Boecker is a successful Top Producing Realtor for over a decade and a half who helps people get the most the value, in the fastest time possible with their real estate journeys. She does that by using advanced market analysis, powerful negotiating, and using the latest strategies and lasting principles. If you are interested in getting your dream home or selling your house for most money, you should definitely reach out today for a FREE strategy session.

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